Maine’s recent referendum vote rejecting a clean energy transmission line raises large questions about how Massachusetts will achieve it’s climate goals. 

The pandemic, climate change, and mass transit planning all come together to allow new ideas about the future. A recent opinion piece in Commonwealth Magazine proposes that the City of Boston turn Storrow Drive into a clean energy mobility corridor. In many ways, doing so would cut the Gordian Knot of Boston traffic.  We talk to the author, and find out why this is the moment to act.

In addition to global warming pollution, the manufacture and disposal of plastic creates environmental injustice.  Frontline communities are devastated by local pollution from the factories, and the export of our garbage to other continents leads to horrific scenes on the coasts of other places. Micro-plastics are ubiquitous and wildlife cannot distinguish plastic from their food. You can lobby your MoC for the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.

As renewables get cheaper, the methane industry is trying to find new markets in  plastic manufacture.  However, that generates lots of greenhouse gases. In fact, the push to make plastic is like adding many new coal plants.  We talk with an expert about a new report called  “Plastic is the new coal.” Listen in!

The tourism and hospitality industry has a role to play in addressing climate change. We talk to an expert who is leading an effort to make the European industry more sustainable.

On, you can hear interviews with the most knowledgeable, passionate, and engaging environmental experts! We talk with Betsy Rosenberg, a co-founder of this new digital media channel.

The citizens of Chelsea must live with the pollution from industries that service all of us. The negative impact on those citizens, while most of the rest of us get only the benefits, represents an injustice. This injustice will be perpetuated in the Gas System Enhancement Program  (GSEP) if we don’t take active measures to avoid it. Listen to an expert in environmental justice lay out the facts.

Massachusetts’ mega-project to fix gas leaks has been shown to be ineffective in reaching its goal. Senator Barrett explains what the state legislature, and all climate activists, can do to manage the retreat from methane. Thanks to for permission to use this audio- you can see the webinar at their site.

Since 2014, MA utilities have been given money to fix methane leaks. Despite lots of money spent, we have little to show for years of effort. A new report details the failure to address this important climate problem. Listen to the report author in a recent webinar hosted by  (Thanks to GasLeaksAllies for permission to use this audio!)

Fast Fashion encourages cheap and disposable clothing, but comes at an environmental cost. Dan Pontarlier offers a path that combines fashion and sustainability.

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