Transportation in the post covid world will be different. While airlines offer “joy rides”, new insight about the impact of jet emissions comes to light.  Here on the ground, Massachusetts struggles with it’s outmoded “auto-centric” transportation philosophy. 

We review RBG’s environmental achievments, and consider the future of climate legislation in the SCOTUS.

US government agencies like the National Science Foundation are the result of a tacit post-WWII scientific contract. The terms of the contract were that the NSF would fund science in the public good. Naomi Oreskes argues that contract is broken, because too many American politicians find accurate science inconvenient. What will replace it? Also, given smoke out west and floods in the south, what should we expect for climate migration inside the US? 

Is the media’s sudden new interest in climate change a sea change? How will we know when the coverage is authentic? Is Facebook’s new climate information center a bona fide effort or just evasion of the real truth?

Despite continued opposition, and probably aided by political protection, the Weymouth Compressor Plant has begun the commissioning process that will allow full operation.

News outlets are failing to report the context for huge, climate driven fires on the West Coast. 

Exxon was dropped from the DJIA, indicating the decline of the industry. But Big Oil has plans to survive the renewable revolution by using all that fracked gas to make plastics.

The behavior of hurricane Laura teaches us about how climate change  is remaking the world.  Ed Markey’s primary victory had a lot to do with climate politics. Is there a message for other candidates?

Systemic racism embodied in 1930’s New Deal housing policy still has environmental justice implications today, where formerly redlined communities are hotter and more dangerous then other neighborhoods. A Green New Deal must provide a just transition to avoid similar inequity in the future.
After 25 years of warm days and cool nights, solar cells reach their warranty 'end of life.' It is time to start thinking about how to recycle the material in the PV.

From wildfires in CA to twin hurricanes in the Gulf, America and the world are facing the real time consequences of climate change.  We see the compounding impacts of covid, eviction, hurricanes and wildfire. Are we ready?

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