The Vineyard Wind project has been going smoothly until recently. We discuss.

The lunar landing in 1969 was a profound example of American’s pulling together to achieve a goal. Does the model apply to our current need for a big common effort to build a clean energy future? Listen in!

A presidential debate about climate policy is only as good as the questions asked. We review some proposed questions that would lead to better understanding of the issues and the candidates positions. What question would you ask?

There are calls for this year’s presidential season to include a candidate debate focused on climate change and global warming. The increasing likelihood of such a debate leads to a discussion about what sort of questions should be asked. Dave Roberts and Umair Irfan from the website pose an interesting set of questions. The sort of questions raised at a debate tells us what sort of issues ought to be debated by our nation even outside a presidential campaign. Listen in as we discuss the questions, and how a ‘climate policy debate’ ought to proceed.

The equitable introduction of solar power is the subject of bills on Beacon Hill. Listen in as we discuss with Tim Cronin of Climate-XChange.

The UN reports that climate will throw millions into poverty even as the rich (look in a mirror) pay to survive, using the phrase “Climate Apartheid.” Here in the US, we see environmental injustice exposed in the dramatic Philadelphia refinery explosion and the poorly covered climate insurrection in Oregon. Listen in.

Municipal Light Plants (MLP) are a great opportunity for introducing clean energy. Proposed legislation would dim that bright chance. Listen to Oriana Reilly as we discuss the latest twists in the saga of the Massachusetts MLP’s path to a green future.

We cover the waterfront for you ‘in case you missed’ these important climate stories!

The movement of people based on climate related effects has already begun. Some asylum seekers at the US border are there because of climate stress. Trump’s repugnant border policies may set a precedent for the future management of much larger flows of people, across the globe. It is fair to say that the US is building a concentration camp system. History teaches us that such efforts only deteriorate, and we see this in increasing deaths in custody. This is unacceptable to American ideals. We must view our border circumstances in the context of climate change, and demand a humane and farsighted response.

Sunrise Movement says “The Green New Deal is the only plan put forward to address the interwoven crises of climate catastrophe, economic inequality, and racism at the scale that science and justice demand.” We discuss some of the ideas underlying this bold proposal.

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