In Massachusetts, buildings like houses, malls, and corporate headquarters generate lots of carbon dioxide pollution. Proposed rules about how to construct new buildings (can you say “Net Zero Building Codes?”) will reduce pollution in the future. We speak with the head of MCAN’s grassroots effort to make these new codes a reality. Also, we take a look at Brookline’s leading edge ban of natural gas.

John Kerry, architect of the Paris Accords, has launched a new effort to raise awareness of climate change. We discuss the pros and cons of “World War Zero.”

The UN’s ‘Gap Report’ shows we are lagging far behind the needed climate actions. Now the world faces a need to achieve almost 8% reductions a year to get to the 2030 goals. Also, we keep an eye on the fast moving Weymouth Compressor story.

FERC has granted Enbridge permission to proceed with construction of the Weymouth Compressor, begining on Dec 3. We discuss this and some listener questions.

It is interesting to learn how climate people got that way. Listen in as we track the path of a ‘free range kid’ who became the Director of an Eco-Innovation Initiative.

Climate change touches all aspects of our lives, and the responses to climate change will also be broad. The Eco-Innovation Initiative of the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation is a cohesive approach to bringing sustainability into our communities. Listen in as we discuss the program with it’s Director.

We talk with a German climate activist about his path to activism, and what it is like to be a climate hawk in Europe in 2019.

Youth inspired climate work is going strong in Germany. Listen in as we chat with an activist on the forefront of efforts to save the future.

Decisions on the Weymouth Compressor Station approval are happening in real time. We check in.

The California fires represent a sea change in how the state approaches the future. We discuss some of the options.

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