This is the 8th episode of cross-posts on "Making Sense of Climate." 

This is the 7th episode of cross-posts on "Making Sense of Climate." 

This is the 6th episode of cross-posts on "Making Sense of Climate." 

How do you build a moral code based on principles the Sun has ‘taught’ us? How can we incorporate scientific lessons about ecological systems into our lives?

In honor of the summer solstice, we got thinking about how the onrush of climate change demands rethinking of our moral, ethical and perhaps even religious stance to life. Should we treat the sun as a god? Who would be our saints?

The Summer Solstice is a reminder of the role the Sun plays in our lives. The sun has a lot of interesting attributes: It exists, it gives us life, it controls the planet and it teaches us how to live. We would do well to give it more honor and respect. 

Federal money is headed to MA. We should 'seize the moment' and spend it on creating a deep energy retrofit industry. Doing so benefits everyone.

Hear an inspiring young activist describe why she cares about climate change and what she is doing about it.

Gas prices are high. Why? From a climate hawks perspective, what can be done?

FERC has allowed ISO-NE to retain the damaging Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR.) However, FERC’s Chairman Richard Glick issued a statement agreeing to  the rule extension, but with good arguments AGAINST the rule! Listen in as we do a close reading of what he said.

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