Ted McIntyre, MCAN's Board President, took part in the first day of the Energy Exodus march yesterday, and talked to a number of people during the 10 mile first leg.

His first discussion is with Mike, who is with the Polluters Pay Initiative, a group pushing for a price on carbon.

Next he spoke with Shanti, who is a part of Climate Action Now, a central and western Massachusetts group.  Shanti has marched all over the world for climate action, and lives his beliefs in Sirius, an eco-village in Shutesbury.

Alex, a young man who has lived in Guatemala and has worked in sustainable development through the Social Entrepreneur Corps.  Quite a bit of life experience for someone who just graduated from college only last year!

Carolyn, from Mendon, is marching because we need to do something to change government policy to ensure a sustainable future.  She speaks about "Mothers Out Front," a group of mothers taking action to ensure their children a future.

A young Quaker, Catherine, speaks about her work within her faith to activate people on climate change, while Jordan talks about the greenhouse gas impacts of not only coal, but also the false promise of natural gas.

Ted caught up with Turner, who is mad!  Particularly with the fossil fuel industry and their pursuit of profit in complete disregard for the fate of the planet.  Turner and Ted talk about divestment, a growing movement in the climate world.

Alex from Ipswich is a student who's fed up with the lack of political action, and realizes people must take action now to show political leaders the way.

Thanks to all the folks who allowd themselves to be taped.  The march will be going until next Monday, so there's still time for folks to take part.  Again, for more information, go to the Energy Exodus site here.

Thanks for listening, and remember: for the reasons all these folks mentioned, the United States must put a price on carbon.

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