Yesterday in Providence Rhode Island, a band of concerned citizens marched from the City Hall to the Statehouse demanding an end to the Keystone XL pipeline. The attached “Climate Hawk’s Companion” podcast features discussion with some of the marchers who described why they made the effort to be part of the event.

If you want to visualize just how big the tarsands pits really are, check out a recent MCAN blog post.

There are great pictures from various “Draw the Line” events across the country collected here. As you tumble through them, the panoramic, ‘fish eye’ lens photo of folks holding hands in the air is from the Rhode Island Statehouse.

For Huffington Posts' coverage of Saturday's events, check this out.

For more background on the Keystone pipeline, check out our previous posts on the issue here.  One good place to start is our point-by-point refutation of many of the purported "benefits" of the pipeline here.

Congratulations to all who attended!

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